La Pisana in Rome is an area that has grown quite a lot in recent years and has become a reference point for those looking to buy a house in Rome at an affordable price and in a well-connected area. This town can be easily reached from the Fiumicino airport , the EUR area and the center of Rome. The Pisana area in Rome is also the ideal place for all those who are looking for peace and want to stay away from the busy and the chaotic city.

House in Rome (La Pisana area):

The prominent element in this area is the new construction Residence La Pisana which is a new generation building upon the concept of eco- sustainability. This apartment complex offers every kind of comfort at an affordable price for everyone, for individuals or families.

There is a ” Turn- key” formula, which is a possibility to buy one of these houses without worrying about having to buy furniture or appliances because they are already provided by the manufacturer. In addition, each villa has armored grates anti- intrusion, automated irrigation systems for gardens, air conditioning for hot summers and on the first floor, the apartments offer fireplaces. We haven’t left anything out, the complex includes the use of a large parking area inside the block for all those that come in possession of one of the apartments.

Energy savings in Rome La Pisana area:

The villas of the Residence LA PISANA offer an additional advantage over the older houses in the area. A solar panel system for the DHW (Domestic Hot Water) and photovoltaic panels for the production of 1KW. Thanks to these features, the latest generation of these facility have achieved the goal of the ” Low Power ” erasing the nightmare of excessively high bills.

Today, thanks to the manufacturer mortgage up to 80%, everyone has the opportunity to purchase a villa in the Residence of LA PISANA. Making something concrete is now possible even for those who are looking for their first house. Just to meet every kind of need you can choose between three different types of houses : one-two-three roomed apartment.

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